The information I found was from a wide range of different sources and on a wide range of different topics. I presented this syllabus in categories of important key problems in the book. One of the first topics that I decided to focus was the idea of youth oriented porn. I chose this as a topic because in the book there are times where Lolita is asked by one of the men to do things that would be considered child porn. When looking at my syllabus at the child porn heading the readers will be able to learn about the reasoning behind one’s obsessions or child porn and how to keep awareness for the ongoing child pornography issues going on. To go along with that, I also made one of my headings about pedophilia. In this the reader will learn about how pedophilia is considered to be a disorder by some people, and how they are using websites as a way to talk about their pedophilia without committing the actions. I would like the readers to learn about pedophilia from the other side of the fence and see it talked about in a way they have never heard before. I also talked about the portrayal of rape in media. In these articles it talks about the idea that media is almost condoning rape a large percent of the time. I hope to educate the audience in not believing the stories they hear on media all of the time and to educate themselves in real stories not the ones they read on social media or in books. I also talked about obsession and stalking and the controlling of a person. These topics both focused on the tendencies of people who have issues with the way they interact with others. The article about control was to show that there are many situations where women are controlled by men and it is looked at as okay by these men. The other articles on stalking and obsession have to do with the idea that people can get very obsessed with a person and not be able to control their outrageous actions as Humbert did in the story. He would follow Lolita and never let her out of his site. These articles are to help the reader see how obsession and stalking work and why people do this outside of the story. Another two topics I talked about that went hand I hand were the kidnapping and kidnapping for “love”. The topic of kidnapping’s articles was mainly on child kidnapping and how to prevent it from happening, and the links on kidnapping for love were for movies in which the main character kidnaps the person because they love them although the person doesn’t love them. The reader from this should learn that kidnapping for love is a common reason the kidnappers justify the kidnapping. The last topic I talked about was sexual abuse. These articles were mainly about the sexual abuse of women and children and how serious of a problem it really is. I hope for the readers from this section to take away the importance of how sexual abuse is not a joke and is a serious matter we all need to be aware of. Overall after reading this syllabus I hope the readers learn that the problems that occurred in Lolita are real today and we need to make sure things like this do not happen.

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Youth oriented porn

Finding Lolita: A Comparative Analysis of Interest in YouthOriented Pornography

Pornography awareness campaign exposes devastating effects on children

Florida’s Top Child porn collector details his obsession

The Intersection Of Child Sexual Exploitation And Technology

Kidnapping for “love”

A Life Less Ordinary 


Stockholm Swooning

Sexual Abuse

A Social Identity Approach to Understanding  Responses to Child Sexual Abuse Allegations

Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse of girls

Lolita’s not to blame

Kidnapping/ entrapment

Child kidnapping in America

Kidnapping of children


Controlling of a person

Lolita in Tehran

50 Shades of Abuse

Rape, abuse and kidnapping in media

Asking for it

Rape Culture

Rape Culture in Media

Obsession/ stalking




Pedophilia: A disorder not a crime


Virtuous pedophiles







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